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April 28, 2008

The 2008 California and the Future of Environmental Law and Policy was a terrific success, leaving its attendees with a wealth of knowledge.

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Visit the CCELP Webcast @ Berkeley to watch a webcast, listen to a podcast or download a podcast of all the panels and speakers present for the April 10-11, 2008 conference.

The same programs are also available at YouTube and iTunes:

CCELP @ YouTube

CCELP @ iTunes.

Several papers and PowerPoint presentations from the conference have been made available for the interested public. Click on the link below to view a specified speaker’s presentation or submitted paper:

Ken Alex: Current and Future Litigation

Ann Carlson: Implementing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cuts

Dr. Steve Chu: The Global Energy and Climate Change Problem

Alex Farrell: The Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Bill Fulton: Integrating Land Use Into a Market-Based Implementation System for AB 32

Dian Grueneich: Energy Policy for a Carbon-Constrained World

Phil Isenberg: Our Vision for California’s Delta

Phil Isenberg: Our Vision for the California Delta Paper

Kassie Siegel: The California Environmental Quality Act- On the Front Lines of California’s Fight Against Global Warming

Robert Spear: Green Chemistry: Cornerstone to a Sustainable California

Thank you for helping make California and the Future of Environmental Law and Policy- 2008 a success. We look forward to seeing you at our future events!


About the Conference

January 17, 2008

California and the Future of Environmental Law and Policy

California’s natural resources, economy, demographics and political system have made it a unique laboratory for environmental policy over the past half century. As a result, California has often led both the nation and the world in recognizing environmental challenges, and in fashioning creative and effective solutions to them.

This conference will bring together leading environmental policymakers, scholars and legal practitioners to address California’s current and future role at the forefront of environmental law and policy development. In the process, speakers will map for conference attendees California’s environmental policy agenda for the coming decades. That agenda, in turn, has broad ramifications, inasmuch as California’s environmental dilemmas are a microcosm of those faced nationally and globally. The environmental solutions California devises to those problems will doubtless prove influential far beyond our borders.

Specific topics to be addressed at the conference include:

* California’s Regulatory Response to Climate Change—Implementing AB 32

* The Future of Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Development in California

* Water Supply, Biodiversity and the Future of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

* Preserving California’s Ocean and Coastal Resources

* Integrating Land Use and Transportation Policy in California

* The Potential and Limitations of Litigation in Furthering Climate Change Policy

    The California Center for Environmental Law & Policy is pleased to sponsor and host this important event. Please plan to join us at U.C. Berkeley on April 10-11, 2008.